My Interest in Pokemon ROM Hacks

As a Pokemon fan for 10 years one of the problems I’ve had with the franchise is trying to stay interested in in the RPGs themselves.  Don’t get me wrong the games are great but playing them for ten years  they sort of get stale.  As a result, I’ve been looking for some way to keep me interested.  I started with the action replay cheats to get Pokemon with Competitive move sets to use in Pokemon: Battle Revolution and Pokemon Stadium.  While it’s fun, it can only keep me occupied for so long because the games are all about doing battles, whereas in the RPGs, there a lot of different activities alongside the battles.

Now I’ve heard about ROM hacks ever since 2009, and I didn’t really have any interest at first because while a lot of the hacks were about new regions, they were all with Pokemon that I knew about.  Fast forward to present day and I see a lot of videos about top 10 ROM hacks for Pokemon.  Many of these top 10’s featured a lot of ROM hacks that weren’t even completed yet they fairly hyped up promising many new Pokemon, new regions, and a better story.

Some of the ROMs that had me the most interested were: Pokemon: Legend of the Arena, and Pokemon Phoenix.  They all both have a unique twist on story and in Phoenix’s case the in-game choices will change how the direction of the story.  And then there were games like Pokemon Uranium which featured a new typing and many new Pokemon which in general had me interested because i had to new Pokemon the create interesting builds for.

So after all that I finally decided to fully play a ROM, for this I chose Pokemon Light Platinum.  Currently I am not finished just yet (4 badges currently), but so far it’s kept me interested and I’ve spent about two days straight playing it on my free time.  It’s not because of the variety of Pokemon that kept me busy, it’s more about the difficulty that keeps me interested.  It’s been awhile since I’ve actually had a challenge in Pokemon, especially in the new games, they tend to hold your hand a lot in those games.  And it’s a lot easier to create Pokemon with competent move sets to get through any post game content.  the game does it’s best to allow you to get as many Pokemon from generation 1-generation 5 and it while it is a hack of Pokemon ruby, the battle mechanics are updated to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and some moves have been updated to make them more useful, which I appreciate.  Unfortunately the story isn’t that great, the criminal team is a bit of a pushover, and because you have 5 rivals, the rival battles tend to not be meaningful whatsoever, but at least they diversify their teams so it keeps me intrested when facing them.

All in all Light Platinum has brought me t the decision of looking at more ROMs.  I will probably look at something more simple, maybe something like Pokemon Brown (One of the older ROM Hacks).  Or maybe something more story related such as Pokemon Ruby Destiny.  Either way It’ll be intresting to see what I come across next.

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