Will I ever escape League of Legends? (Probably Not)

Around 2012 my friends got me to play League of Legends.  To this day, I have yet to really stop playing this MOBA and it keeps managing to drag me back into it.  Odds are, I well probably never stop playing because there’s always some way I find my self playing League of Legends.

The first ever major break I ever took from taking a break from the game was probably around season 3 just before the summer hit.  At the time I was more interested in playing Company of Heroes 2 and at the time my account in ranked was not the best (Bronze III) and I was not interested in playing in the current metagame.  After the summer I found myself watching the pro scene for League and saw that there was a much more favorable meta for myself.  So at that point in January 2014 I made my own decision to get back into the game.

The second break I took was just as 2014 Summer began this was specifically so I could get into the swing of playing role-playing games once again.  I generally play a lot of role playing games in the summer.  I quickly got back into the game right before the end of the summer because my brother and his friends started doing ranked queues together and I wanted to be part of that.

I ended playing League for the longest time after the second break ended,  I didn’t stop playing until 2016 began.  I even played over the summer because I had a whole company of players that I could team up with.  (League of Legends is way better when you have friends).  In fact before I took another break I went to college and I ended up joining my college’s league of legends team, for me it was a nice  experience for me and rest of the team, I was happy to do a lot of analyzing and scouting on opposing teams and trying to figure out team compositions based on what champions we were comfortable on.  After we all decided to stop playing (We all agreed we were burnt out).  That was when my third major break from league of legends started.

I didn’t start playing once again until mid spring (Around late March).  And at this point I didn’t know whether I wanted to really play the game anymore.  I prefer putting a lot of time into games when I want to play them, what I mean is if I want dedicate time to games, it’s over span of months.  This is so I feel It’s worth playing.  I’m still stuck between the limbo playing a few times a week instead of playing a few games everyday.

Recently I thought I quit League of Legends but then my friends tend to keep dragging back into it and they are now trying to get me into Overwatch (I don’t mind the game, it’s just not my cup of tea and I’m afraid I’ll end up spending a lot on the game).  The other factor that keeps into playing is the fact that I spent so much on League of Legends.  I think I spent over $600 on the game just getting stuff like cosmetic stuff.  Looking back at hindsight, that money would have gone a lot better if I spent it on stuff from Paradox Interactive or maybe just something fresh and new.

No matter what I do. League of Legends still manages to get back into playing the game, whether it be making worth what I spent on the game,  a better metagame, peer pressure etc.

If anybody has a good effective way to try and leave league of legends that doesn’t simply uninstalling the game and trying to not reinstalling it would be very helpful if you shared it.

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