Short Thoughts on Specific Video Game Genres

For years, I’ve gone through a number different game genres and I’ve constantly changed what my favorite genres are based on the games that I’ve played.  And for all I know it may change at any point because I like to try new things.  So for now I’ll share what are my current thoughts on the genres I played.


This was my original favorite franchise, my preffered games for this series are: The Halo Franchise, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.  These two series made up the majority of what I played (This was obviously back in 2003-2008).  As soon as Modern Warfare 2 was released, I got burned out of the genre and that was when Pokemon took me over.  I don’t hate it per say but I don’t have an interest in making a comeback anytime soon, occasionally I’ll play Halo but that’s it.


I’m looking at minecraft when it comes to this one, though minecraft is able to hit a variety of genres because the modding community makes it so flexible.  However I recently picked up Colony Survival and I do from time to time play ARK: Survival Evolved.  Both games have their interesting quirks whether its the former founding and managing a kingdom/city/town in first person, or the latter riding prehistoric creatures, or the latter .  This genre hits into the more sandbox format that I like in games

Building Games

If its SimCity you’ve already have my attention.  For me it’s very easy to pick up a these kinds of games.  I’ve finally got around to picking up Cities: Skylines and its just like playing Sim City as far as I care, which perfectly fine.  Other games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 or even weirder franchises like Thrillville I’m all for, this even more preferred than Survival because these games are all about being creative with what resources you have, whereas survival games you need to take certain precautions before you can really get creative with the setting you’re in.

Fighting Games

Super Smash Bros is the only real game I put a considerable amount of time into, and it’s the only one I ever will.  I don’t really like any other game in this franchise and I see no reason to get into any others.  A bit of a side note but I love watching competitive Smash just because of how fast paced it is (watching EVO live right now)


I’ve played a countless amount of these.  My first ever video game was Spyro, which transitioned into Jack and Daxter.  From time to time I’ll play Super Mario Bros and I used to play Donkey Kong Country.  For me platformer’s are fairly easy to pick up.  This is because they all have their little individual quirks, Spyro has various minigames, Mario has powerups, Jack & Daxter has various temporary powerups for puzzles and Sonic has high speed platforming (Well not recently obviously but Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors are the current standard for a good sonic games because they focus on running and jumping.) those quirks that make those platformers shine.  I can go into a platformer know it’s going to have some sort mechanic that will be the main selling point of the game and that mechanic will be what keeps me interested.


The only real MOBA I play is League of Legends but since it is the biggest MOBA currently it makes it makes the genre a lot more important.  I’ve been playing for about 5 years now and I don’t see myself actually stopping because I find myself on and off with breaks.  The reason I keep coming back is mainly because the meta game always changes and new champions always get added so the game always stays fresh.  Even thought it is the same game after all these years.  Seeing how it keeps bringing me back I think it’s doing something right.  The real reason I keep playing is because I also watching league’s competitive scene which is always fun to watch because games can be pretty controlled or they can be very tense with a lot of teamfights.


Currently this holds second place. I have one word, Pokemon.  That not only describes how I got into the franchise but it’s what also keeps me in this franchise.  Part of the reason for that is probably because every run has so many random elements (What team I’ll be using, and what opponents may be using for key battles like rival battles).  Pokemon what will be keeping in this genre for.

The ROM hacks are also something that I will be looking forward too in the near future, recently picked up light platinum and nearly completed it and I’m enjoying the challenge it gives.

Another really big company whose role-playing games I play are obviously Bethesda.  Both Fallout and Elder Scrolls will always have something to do and the variation is insane and mods will only add more and more.

The other main RPG I play is Mount & Blade: Warband

Other franchises like Fire Emblem have taken some hold on me for some times but I do eventually drop them as well.  Even Pokemon Spin off such as mystery are games I do eventually stop playing because to their just not the same as Pokemon.  For me it’s a sign that I prefer turn based RPGs.  With that in mind I may be persuaded into buying a PS4 just for Persona 5 or maybe looking at Persona 3 first.

Either way RPG deserves second place just for Pokemon alone but the other franchises I’ve played such as Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem etc.  they only add to it.


Meet my personal choice for best genre.  It’s always been this and it always will stay this way.  On top of playing Spyro back in the day I was playing Command and Conquer: Red Alert even more and I still play it to this day.  I eventually got Command and Conquer: The First Decade and got to play every command and conquer from Westwood Studios alongside Command and Conquer Generals.

I was stuck with Command & Conquer for years until around 2007 I saw the Total War franchise.  I started with Rome Total War and continued up from Medieval to Empire to Shogun 2 and into Rome 2.  I love all of these games because of the change of historical setting and the online battles for Rome Total War are some of the best online battles I’ve ever had.

My current enjoyment out of this genre however has shifted to Paradox Interactive (Who are the creators of Mount & Blade Warband).  Crusader Kings 2 currently holds my #1 spot when it comes to this genre and its very close to #1 in a potential top 10.  I’m currently expanding on playing games like Crusader Kings 2 and looking into games such as Europa Universalis IV.

On a side note I’ve been playing Sid Meiers Civilization games along side both Command & Conquer and Total War and the franchise is always my back up if nothing seems to work for me.

Other side games that I play are: Supreme Commander, Lord of The Rings Battle for Middle Earth Series, Company of Heroes and Age of  Empires.


These are my thoughts on all of the genres that I’ve had experience with, there’s probably some genres such as racing that I’ve missed, but to be honest I’ve never really enjoyed playing any of these games.  The same thing goes with MMO’s etc.

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