What will happen to Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

As I currently write this, Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord still currently has no release date and many of are eagerly awaiting for news of one or release of a beta in the near future.  All we can do now is just speculate how in depth the game is.

Mount & Blade is series where you go through a 3d map in fantasy world of Calradia visiting Towns, Castles, and Villages.  You can aspire to be a multitude of different things in Mount & Blade, the most specific being an actual rule/lord.  There are obviously other roles such as a soldier, mercenary, and in some cases a merchant/entrepreneur, but all of these are not as in depth as aspiring to be a king of Calradia.  Part of any point in Mount & Blade you’ll have to deal with threats such as opposing armies and bandits and as a result you’ll need troops to deal with them.

You are generally recruiting troops from villages.  The main highlight of Mount & Blade is when two opposing armies clash on the battlefield.  When this happens the game goes to a 3d map of you control yourself and you can issues commands to your troops in an attempt to win the battle.  This effectively makes you a field commander and you yourself fight in a 3rd/1st person point of view and can take part in the battle as well, or you sit and overview the battle in person.

There’s also a fair amount of other things that can be done such as buy an enterprise to get money, recruit companions who can become your vassals later and even get married but many of these mechanics are not as in depth in the current game Mount & Blade Warband.

In fact a lot of the mechanics are heavily expanded in Mount & Blade’s amazing Modding community that bring out total conversions that create/expand new mechanics that are very heavy on role playing.  Things such as colonizing a new world, taking part in a crusade, buying property in a town, using magic in battle etc.

We’ve recently seen a lot of  features that are coming for Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord which has been in development for years. some of the features they include are:

  • 1000 troop battles
  •  Siege Equipment
  • Building your own castle from the ground up.
  • New multiplayer game choices
  • Possibility of creating a dynasty where you pass on the torch to another person
  • Huge possibilities for the modding community to create ideas such as co-op sandboxes!

What’s important to note is that a lot of these features have already been introduced to us from mods for Warband aside from the idea of a co-op campaign which is currently not possible for Warband.  The biggest thing we’ve seen however is the current captain mode which is similar to a feature in the Napoleonic Wars Expansion for Warband where two people take control of ai armies and try to capture points on a battle field.

It seems like Taleworlds is really pushing the multiplayer aspect of Warband to be a big feature for Bannerlord.  As a result there may be attempts to make Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord to be an E-Sport which is very hit or miss.  We’ve seen games such as ARK fail at it’s attempts with Survival of The Fittest however we’ve also seen Overwatch gain huge momentum as an E-sport in Korea, it’s still up in the air at the moment and we may need to just wait really find out.

Finally it’s important that Bannerlord be released soon at the latest being December of next year.  We’ve seen games such as Duke Nukem Forever go into development hell and end up stumbling out the door just to be disappointed.  Taleworlds have recently announced the possibility of a paid beta but I’m not really sure about the idea of that, I’d personally rather have a free lite version of a beta out for a few weeks for the community to try out and then let developers iron out whatever kinks come out of that.  As far things are concerned however all we can do is wait and see.

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