Community Content in Video Games

I’m most definitely sure that at least a majority of people like mods for video games.  I know I certainly like my mods for any strategy game I play.  They add content to vanilla versions of games and breath new life into games that aren’t that interesting at first glance.

A mod in a video game is a modification to a game.  It can add many different types of content to games that it never had before.  They can be anything, cosmetic, immersive content, graphical design, artificial intelligence reworks etc.

Simple mod that can make all the difference can be found Skyrim.  The vanilla menu for Skyrim generally considered clumsy and navigation takes more time than needed.  The general fix for the menu is generally looking at mods and installing the SkyUI mod.  This takes all the additional tabs in vanilla Skyrim menu navigation and puts them in one screen.  It allows you to organize the items and how you see them and it overall just makes navigation easier.

Some games actually use the ideas of some mods for the game and actually implement them into the game itself.  However this can also have negatives to it because not everybody may know what the mod is about because they may be new to the game.

As result it may not be best to introduce giant game changing mods like new features that give people advantages in-game (Introduce new content that some know about and other don’t initially).

However, a decent idea would be to introduce basic modifications, a basic one that comes to mind are things such as keyboard shortcuts, or maybe even small re-skins are an okay as well.  I would still personally recommend implementing simple ways that allow you to micromanage easier and make management of a user interface a whole lot easier.

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