E-Sports of the Future

While League of Legends World Championships is going, I figured it was best to look at how E-Sports will fit in the future and where it will be heading.

E-Sports prior to 2011 has had an up and down streak where it was mostly a niche based audience.  Most of the success of E-Sports has been in Korea where Starcraft E-Sports had been around for years.  In America the closest to E-Sports was Major League Gaming where we have games such as Call of Duty, Halo, and Smash Bros (Gone in 2007).  MLG never really had a huge audience and weren’t considered sports.

A lot of that changed in 2012, League of Legends, a 5 v 5 MOBA was picking up traction in America and Europe, by the end of Season 2, South Korea, China, and Taiwan were part of the scene and were big players.

Season 3 Had an even bigger following and games such as DOTA 2, Starcraft 2, and other small games had picked up major followings and were starting to become much bigger.  Although most of these games didn’t have the following like League of Legends, they benefited nonetheless.

By Season 5 notable people in the Sports industries were taking note of E-Sports and they started investing into organizations to field Pro teams in games such as League of Legends.  Echo Fox was one of the first teams to be under this, and while the team did poorly it showed that E-Sports was gaining mainstream popularity.

Blizzard’s Overwatch has also seen mainstream success and Korea has very quickly picked up the game as an e sport.  This new E-Sport has been gaining popularity very quickly and snowball won’t stop rolling any time soon.

Months ago this was reported but an upcoming Olympic games in Asia will be featuring E-Sports in Asia.  This recent headline may encourage more investments from other business owners.

E-Sports is getting bigger and bigger by the moment.  The more mainstream recognition it gains the more attention it gets in mainstream media.  I predict that there will be more and more investments into games such as League of Legends and with the recent change of LoL in U.S. as a franchising system is making it look even more appealing/professional



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