Project FreeFall Overview

So me and a few friends of mine have a had a secret project in development for some time now.  We’ve recently shown off the prototype (alpha version) of this project at an event at our college and I think it’s time to show off this game.

This is a 3D puzzle game we’ve called project free fall.  The basic idea is that you’re a cube and you’re slowly descending from a starting position and looking to get to the bottom without getting hit.  On top of looking to get through unscathed there are pathways with opening that you pass by on the way down.Level.png

Now from this image it may look like it will be very difficult to get through these openings from this camera angle.  This introduces to the first big game mechanic for it which is switching camera angles.


By switching camera angles you get a better view to line yourself up with getting through the openings.  Once you go through the openings the object turns green indicating that you got through the pathway.

Other mechanics that are in the game but have yet to really use are a boosting mechanic that makes you descend faster for a second.  And the other allows you to completely stop descending for 2 seconds.  Both mechanics have a 3 second delay to keep people from spamming them to get to the bottom.

Finally once you hit the floor of the level you’re given a rank that determines to well you did on this level, ranks currently don’t play a part in whether you complete the level.  Ranks are determined by how many pathways you went through for the level.




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