Project FreeFall Update 2

Hi everyone! We’ve recently worked further on a few bits and pieces on project FreeFall and I’d like to share them with you!

Tutorial Level

We realized that new players may not understand the controls, so we’ve decided to remedy that by settig up a tutorial level  to teach players all the controls.  In the future we will be settting up a controls menu to dsplay all the controls but for now we at least have something to hold that over


Yes we finally decided to add a pause feature.  By pressing p everything freezes!  You can press P again to unpause the game.  It’s not perfect though some objects for some reason still move (These still stand in one place, they just spin around which is their animation) but we’ll probably fix that soon.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a number of bugs alongside these feature:

Boosting or breaking now cancels one another

Pausing not prevents the playe from using any controls other than P

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