Project FreeFall Update 3

Great to see all of you again!  We’ve been busy with design decisions regarding the project and so far everything has gone smoothly.  I will be heading back to school next week meaning I will be meeting with the team.  For now here’s what we got in terms of updates:


The tutorial is now complete with new additions of GUI text that teach the player about controls!  With this the tutorial is now fully functioning and working!PFF3.png

However there are plenty of bugs that are here and you can bet there will be a lot of debugging to fix a lot of these errors.


At this point all controls are set and ready the next step for us is graphic design for the UI, Level Design and 3D Modeling, we’ve already got plenty of art to work with as we do have a Artist working for us.  We will most likely work on Level Design first, the levels should be fun to play through before it looks prettier.

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