Results of My Global Game Jam 2018 Experience

Hey there finally got a chance write another blog and today I want to talk about the Global Game Jam because myself and another member of the project FreeFall team were able to participate and create a game.

The theme of this game jam was Transmission so it was interesting to find out how to incorporate it into the game.

The end result that we made was a game called Warp Team 73.  This is a coop game where you and another player are in a maze and you have to work together to get out of the maze.  The controls to doors between the different mazes are in the opposite player’s maze so by stepping on a door button (Transmission icon pops up to indicate that the button transmits a signal to open a door.)

You also have teleportation pads which put you in another location which also adds to the teleportation theme a bit.

Unfortunately the finals build seems to crash before it even starts but I will be leaving our screenshots of the game as it was being developed in our development.  I will be leaving screenshots of its development in my portfolio when I get the chance and I will update this blog when I get my hands on the better functioning build.

This was my first experience developing a game that requires more than one player and using split screen in Unity.  My first Global Game Jam was last year and the game for that is already in my portfolio.  Overall the results last year were better than this one though it had its own successes I feel.

Update: Here are the screenshotswt1.jpg



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