Project FreeFall Update 4

Hey all! We’ve recently come up with a new schedule of working on Project FreeFall which allowed us to consolidate and fix a lot of issues.


Bug Fixes, a lot of bug fixes is a way of generalizing this update!

  • Players can no longer move when game is paused
  • Players can no longer move when the game has active opening animations going on
  • Game has brand new Skybox to be used for future updates
  • Game Barriers have been reinstated and the player object can no longer move outside the playing field.
  • New Feature: We have brand new 3D Models thanks to someone who isn’t really part of our group, that person will be credited from here on out.
  • Music has been implemented for the level, currently it is only one soundtrack that loops

We are really excited at the results that the new schedule has allowed us to get work done more effectively due to being in the same place more often and not interfering with college work.  We also have a lot more things to fix in the near future such as lighting, considering restricting controls for a better control scheme and level design.  Level 1 is nearing completion at this point and we have the layout for level 2 complete, we just have to actually create it.

That’s all for this update.  See you soon!

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