RTS Project

Hey All! I;m finally ready to discuss my capping project out in the open and what we are looking to create! Without further ado let’s introduce it!

Game Name: Paradox Wars
Genre: Real Time Strategy/Tower Defense
Game Engine: Unity

The concept is pretty simple, we are looking into taking the basic ideas a of a mobile app called Cartoon Wars  and we are looking to flash it out.  Here are the mechanics we are adding

  • Base Building
    • Can build either towers or buildings
    • Buildings unlock more units
    • Towers throw projectiles at enemy units
    • Cost Gold to build, can be refunded for half the cost
  • Tech Progression
    • If you have enough research points you can advance to the next age
    • New ages unlock more buildings
    • More buildings unlock more Units!

These are the big features we are working on at the moment and currently we the basics have been established with future add-ons easily added in!

What are some other big features?

  • Status Effects
    • Certain Projectiles can render a soldier unconscious
    • Unconsicous enemies when killed become research points (They become POWs for research)
    • Certain units on your army roster will be able to render enemies unconscious so it will encourage using more than one basic unit!

There will be more as we are somewhat still brainstorming.  Will be showing you what we implemented in next week as well as some of the character art!

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