Update on Paradox Wars!

Hey all I’m happy to announce that Paradox Wars has reached it’s alpha stage and we’ve implemented a lot of the mechanics.  Here are some of them right now:

  • We have now implemented the medieval age, by advancing to the next age the UI changes and more buildings become available, and with more buildings and certain building combinations, you unlock more units


  • We’ve limited the amount of certain towers you can place because we’ve noticed through play testing that having a large number of towers meant that units could never even touch the base


  • Projectiles have a chance of knocking a unit unconscious, if an unconscious unit’s HP hits zero they are added to a prisoner of war resource.  You are required to get 30 prisoners of war to advance to the next age


  • A main menu has been added so that the game starts when you click on play option


  • We are starting to put in animations and actual sprite representation of units! We will have all of our sprites in for our build by this upcoming Friday at Marist College’s Hudson Valley Games Conference


This is the very start of the game where you have access to the basic ranged unit and you start of with limited resources


Overtime through getting more resources you build up your army and defenses!

We’ve made a lot of progress over the past two weeks and it makes me even happier to announce that this game will be presented at the Hudson Valley Games Conference!  The Conference will be on November 2 and the conference will be from 5-9 PM!  The location is Marist College but the building is Lowell Thomas.

We hope to see you there and stay tuned for more info on Paradox Wars’ development!

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