Summer Update

So there have been a few loose ends that I haven’t sealed in regards to previous projects I’ve posted about in the past and I want post final updates on them.


I have some excellent new regarding the fact that the project is complete! Me and the team hit all of our deadlines and everyone collaborated in an organised fashion.  I want to thank everyone that worked with me on this project as I could not have done it without any of you.

I have the project posted on my GitHub, the link for that is in my portfolio, no available builds as the file size was too big, but the assets are there which is important to me,


It’s a shame I never really posted this project.  Me and a friend of mine had worked together to build a game on Python (PyCharm) during the same time as Paradox Wars.  It was a 2D Space Shooter and it was a great learning experience to games in Python.  I’ll be makign a repository for that project as well.


I had a solo project with Java where I was working on Tetris through Eclipse (JAVA).  It was another cool experience where I was coding games on Java


That’s all for now I’ll see you next time.

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