Name: Gerard Andrews
Steam Username: Planetarian


Who I am: I am a recent college graduate with major in Games and Emerging Media, with a concentration in Design, Writing, & Culture.  I also have a minor in Computer Science.  I’m a huge fan of game development whether it’s Designing mechanics or coding the mechanics it is always an exciting experience because of how many ways it can be done.

And when I’m not designing games, I am almost always playing games, and my preferred genre is Grand Strategy: Total War, Europa Universalis, and Crusader Kings.

Game Development Skills:

  • Game Engines: Unity Engine, GameMaker, Unreal Engine 4
  • Programming Languages: C#, Java, Python, JavaScript
  • Adobe: Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects
  • Autodesk: Maya
  • Server-Side Clients: Linux1 (NodeJS)

Other Skills:

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Wireframing Applications: Balsamiq Mockups, Justinmind


Game Projects

Title: Paradox Wars
Team: Gerard Andrews, Shawn Joseph, Chealsea McGinnis, Patrick Ianonne, Thomas Crowell

Description/Screenshots: You are a commander who travels back in time to quicken the development of humanity, unfortunately other travelers have the same idea and very quickly high advanced tribes go to war.  Your role is to guide your tribe  in developing through building structures recruiting units.  Destroy the opposing tribe to win the game!


Role in the project: I was the game director and game play programmer, I focused on building up the primary mechanics, creating animations in Unity based on the assets the artists made, and making sure game flow works properly.

All Scripts can be view on my GitHub

Coding Samples:

The following 2 snippets is from the Unit script, this was a basic template that was used for all unit/enemy prefabs.Code Sample 1.PNG

  • This snippet focuses on when a unit is in a state of attacking another unit

Code Sample 2.PNG

  • This snippet focuses on when units are checking for the closest enemy to move towards.

It was also my job to work with Art, Sound Design, and User Interface to make sure everybody was on the same page, deadlines were hit on time, and everybody stayed true to original design.  I also worked on the design document, particularly on pre-planning/synopsis as well as the rules, features, and mechanics.

Primary Mechanics: Recruiting Units, Advancing Ages/Technology through capturing prisoners Of war, Constructing Buildings/Defenses to protect your base.
Title: Freefall
Team: Gerard Andrews, Shawn Joseph, Liam Ollive, Katherine Burke, Dan Squicciarino
Description/Screenshots: You play as a cube and you are constantly descending until you hit the ground and along the way there are obstacles that you must dodge and there are pathways that that you must go through as you descend.



Going through these path ways make them turn green indicating you got through them.  Eventually you hit the ground and your rank for the level is based on how many pathways you went through


Mechanics for the game include: Speed Boosting to avoid obstacles, Brakes to stop and re position yourself and Changing Camera Angles to align yourself up with pathways.


Role in the project: I personally did part of the level design and programming of certain obstacles and minor mechanics.

Title: Surfer Pro Adventure 5
Team: Gerard Andrews, Katherine Burke, Liam Ollive
Description/Screenshots: You play as a surfer and your goal is to stay afloat in the water until you survive three rounds of waves.  Each waves are colored differently to distinguish what round you are on.



Role in the project: 
My primary role in this project was assisting with coding of the player and the wave obstacles.
Download of Build (Website): Global Game Jam Website

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